Clinical dermatology, cosmetic and surgical
Dr. Adrián Ogrodniczuk

We are a Department of Dermatology since 2004, on specialized  on aesthetics , skin diseases and dermatological surgeries attention on Mar del Plata y Buenos Aires city .Directed by Dr. Adrián Ogrodniczuk, born in Mar del Plata and academic training graduate and posgraduate studios complete in Buenos Aires City) (dermatologist graduated from UBA (University of Buenos Aires) on december 29 ,1998 and obtaining the speciality in May ,2004 , also granted by the UBA and the Ministry of Health Nation. Trained in the French Hospital of Buenos Aires and teaching partner UBA and USAL (Salvador) and subsequently re-certified by the College of Physicians of the Province of Buenos Aires. Before being carried home specialist in Medical Clinic Ezrah Jewish Hospital.

During his trading he received special mention in the Argentine Franco VII Conference of Medicine and Surgery "Meeting of dermatologists in training " . This Professional has realized an International rotation at the Sant Pau Hospital (Barcelona) being described as very satisfactory by directors. In addition to perform rotations in the Plastic surgery Service at the French Hospital, Pediatric Dermatology at the Ramos Mejia Hospital and Infectious in Muñiz Hospital.

Exposition in 7 National Congress, held 3 National publications and was a scientific secretary in a panel + 18 National Courses(including postgraduate in Dermatologic Surgery of Society Dermatology Argentina and assistance to Congress 45 and or Symposium ; also completed 5 consecutive Campaigns os Skin Cancer Prevention (2008 to actuallity)

Current is holder member of Sociedad Argentina de Dermatología  and Colegio Iberolatinoamericano de Dermatología