Clinical dermatology, cosmetic and surgical
Dr. Adrián Ogrodniczuk


Candidal Onychomycosis in hand's nails

Publication date: 12/02/2015

Background: the candidal onychomycosis in the hands have been linked with paronychia, injuries and usage habits of water; however, it is currently being seen more frequently in patients with chronic diseases or immunosuppression

  • ABSTRACT Objective: To analyze the cases of onychomycosis by Candida in a period of seven years in a service of Mycology. Material and method: Retrospective study was conducted from 2006 to 2012 cases of Candida onychomycosis in the hands of the Mycology section of the Hospital General Manuel Gea González, of Mexico City. Results: we found as the principal etiologic agents: Candida sp, C. albicans and C. tropicalis. 73.68 % of patients had some condition associated with immunosuppression and administration of medicines modifiers of the immune response. The 7.8 % partnered with paronychia and 36.8 % with onychomycosis by Candida in the feet. Conclusions: the importance of identifying and treating candidal onychomycosis in patients with comorbidities associated lies in the elimination of hot spots which could start a systemic infection in patients with impaired immune system.
    Alvarado A, Hernández-Álvarez G, Fernández R, Arenas R

    Dermatología Rev Mex 2014; 58 (4)