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Dr. Adrián Ogrodniczuk


Interview Dr. Ogrodniczuk Adrian Sputnik News - Montevideo Uruguay ¿Cuál es el mejor factor solar?

Publication date: 06/01/2018

Several areas of the world are enjoying the summer. A time to be outdoors, and especially on the beach. But it is also time to take extra care due to the aggressiveness of the Sun. According to the World Health Organization (who), skin cancer is the most frequent in human malignant tumor.

The consequences which can produce skin exposure to the Sun at inappropriate hours are really dangerous. The countries that suffer most from its impacts are those of the southern hemisphere, due to the presence of the hole in the ozone layer The harmful effects of being reckless hours mainly affect infants and children; the most vulnerable population. Bad burns that occur before the age of 18, doubles the chances of developing a melanoma in the future. 80% of disorders caused by the Sun are before adolescence. It is contraindicated to be exposed to the Sun in less than six months, and if possible, it is advisable to not be exposed to the sun before the age of three, explained the Argentine dermatologist, Adrian Ogrodniczuk area violet. Something important at the time of being outdoors is to use sunglasses, hats and sunscreen. For the use of the factor it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the person: the pigmentation of the skin, eyes, hair color, and the ability to get a Tan. The number accompanying guard serves to measure their effectiveness against UVB rays. However, marketing campaigns, often play with this information. According to Ogrodniczuk, one of the most important criteria is to use broad spectrum factors, greater than or equal to 30, or those who say 50 more, since there are only 10% of added protection factor 30 to 50. Over 50 they are basically the same.

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